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[ Model ] Request DNS [EN]

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information.png The application which does not comply displayed model and does not meet the following conditions will be rejected by a timely Founder / Administrator.
 Your Name. :
 Server IP :
→ DNS :
 Game Type :
 Server Mode :
 Number of Slots  :
 Hosting Company :
 Owners :
 Contact :
 Structure Sub- Forum :
→ Link GameTracker :
→ GameTracker Average :
warn.png To join the community you GoldGames Romania must meet the following conditions:
warn.png Respect the general rules imposed by our team ;
warn.png To spread informative messages about our community -term collaboration;
warn.png Duration affiliation be at least one month ;
warn.png The owner of the server as required to add your own server on GameTracker .
warn.png Server name must contain binding structure "NAME.goldgames.ro" ( Type in console - amx_rcon hostname " NAME.goldgames.ro " ) ;
@ Yours faithfully and sincerely, GoldGames Romania .

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