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  1. ACCEPTAT! Da mi pm cu nick si pw 😀 T/C
  2. ⭐ DaNy ⭐ PORC
  3. ACCEPTAT! Da mi pm cu nick si pw 😀 T/C
  4. In acest topic se poate discuta orice tip de problema!
  5. Model Reclamatie : Nick-ul dvs : Nick-ul Reclamatului : SteamID-ul Reclamatului : Motivul reclamatiei : Dovada : ATENTIE! : Titlul topic-ului trebuie sa fie [Reclamatie] - Nume !
  6. Atentie ! Fiecare admin trebuie sa-si creeze un topic al lui, in felul urmator : Ban List Nume_Admin ( ex : Ban List devil ) ! Nick-ul/Ip/Steam ID: Motivul: SS/AIM Banat De Adminul : /Nebanat Nu va mai fi necesara postarea DEMO-urilor in banlist, insa trebuie pastrate de fiecare admin in calculator minim 1 saptamana, in cazul unei cereri de unban sa poata dovedi! Adminii ce nu vor avea dovada, vor primi warn/downgrade!!! Cererile de unban dupa mai mult de o saptamana nu vor fi luate in considerare!
  7. Nick-ul: Timpul scurs de la ultimul up : Motivul up-ului : Accesul deţinut : Accesul dorit : Orele în care eşti liber pentru a admina(cu aproximaţie): Vârsta [ reală ] : Steam ON / OFF: Nu mai sunt necesare ore pentru a primi upgrade. Cum se va proceda? 1. Fiecare upgrade se va face doar in urma unei cereri respectand modelul de mai sus. 2. I se acorda pro sau contra cu argumente. 3. Staff-ul decide daca merita sau nu upgrade. Nota: Se poate face upgrade si peste doua nivele dar riscati sa nu se aprobe. Nota2: Staff-ul poate sa acorde si alt acces fata de ceea ce este in cerere.
  8. EN - Server rules concerning the GO.GOLDGAMES.RO server. All admins and/or players are compelled to read them for the latest news and changes. PLAYERS RULES 1.Access to the server is a privilege not a right. 2.Failure to comply with the ARENA.GoldGames.Ro Regulation will result in the case / cause of the related penalties 3.It is forbidden and leads to regular or permanent sanctioning according to the player's gravity in the following cases -the use of cheat programs -the use of a sex nickname, offensive, or advertising with other sites than what they are members of the GOLDGAMES community -using an indecent language (direct / hidden / abusive injuries) or conflicting with one or more players / administrators -Inviting players to other servers -the move from the admin to another team in order to balance it is forbidden to move the player back -Excessive use and / or high volume of the microphone -reclaim of any written, vocal nature (using the microphone) 4.For any complaints / grade requests available at www.goldgames.ro or on teamspeak (ts3) ts.goldgames.ro ADMINS / MODERATORS RULES IMPORTANT: Admins / moderators are not allowed to intervene in the decision made by another Admin / Moderator! 0. ANY PLAYER MUST BE TREATED AS "UNVICITED" AT THE CONTRARY PROBATION. 1. Applying commands to colleagues or even themselves is forbidden. 2. Admins / moderators have the obligation to observe all points in the "Player Rules". 3. Maintaining a more enjoyable atmosphere within the server / teamspeak for all those connected at that time including also balancing teams / gag / mute/ kick for those who hurt the game or disturbing other players. 4. Sanctioning players who do not respect one of the "Player Rules" points is based on the severity and / or behavioral history of the player in question. - if the player has been sanctioned more than 3 times within 24 hours (with gag / mute / kick) - other players' complaints - if the player has been banned in the last 3 months 5. Access the daily forum and check its sections, especially the "UNBAN REQUESTS" -to post a comment with “waiting for demo” if there is no evidence yet provided -VERIFICATION of demos and evidence against UNBAN players -Adding valid arguments for the decision taken (pro / contra unban) 6. It is mandatory to use Team Speak with the microphone as long as the admin is connected to the server in the server room or any of its sub-rooms. 7.Admins are forbidden to have names that contain site names other than GoldGames.ro community. (For example: pglarena, dust2, etc) 8. Present mandatory at weekly sessions on Sundays at 20:00 (any changes are announced in due time) 9. The charges are sanctioned with a warning. If the admin accumulates 3 points in less than 3 weeks, the admin is degraded (-1), a warning has 3 weeks of validity. (Depending on the seriousness of the sanction and the behavior of the admin in question, he can be (decided by the server management) banned from the community) 10. After 23:00, admins are prohibited from participating in competitive matches. USE OF COMMANDS AND SANCTIONS 1. The player or players to which the mute / gag commands will be applied will gradually be given considering the severity of the violation of the rules, remaining at the administrator's attitude each player's penalty period, starting from 5 minutes (for injuries, screaming, excessive use of the microphone outside of the game, music, boredom). 1.2 If within 24 hours of the first penalty the player in question continues to break the rules, this leads to a permanent ban remaining at the admin / moderator's attitude depending on the situation at the time. 2.Slay / slap 2.1 These orders are only given in the last 40 seconds of the game to those who abuse CAMPING. 2.2 On some maps (de_cbble) these commands are also given to the players who hide in the toilets and camp in the tower. 2.3 After 3 penalties of this kind in a shorter period of time, less than 24 hours after the first warning, the immediate sanction will be 120 minutes ban up to permanent ban remaining at admin’s attitude. 3. PERIODIC BAN The player's regular banning order is applied in the following cases: - Has received several gag/mute sanctions - Ignored the decision of an admin / moderator - Spammed chat or microphone - Insulted admins / moderators / server. 4. PERMANENT BAN The permanent ban is applied in the following cases: -advertising on the server (regardless of nature) -use of cheats (mandatory demo) -insulting the administrators / moderators / server - repeatedly breaking the rule. 5. KICK command is used only if the admin / moderator follows a suspect and can not access it . (example: !Kick Darius Retry) 5.1 Helpers can access this command to remove a player from the server until another admin with access to higher commands can be online. 6 ANTI-GAME 6.5 For any form of "trolling" the punishment is slay / kick / ban depending on the serious 6.6 After 3 violations of the rules in less than 24 hours, the player is punished from 120 minutes of ban to permanent ban. * THE RULES APPLY TO THE PLAYERS AND THE ADMINIS. UNBAN REQUEST RULES The player who wishes to make a unban request must take into account the following: 1. The unban request must be made no later than 72 hours after the receipt of the money. 2.Complete the request correctly and be as accurate as possible. 3. Avoid unnecessary multipost. 4. Use a decent and common sense volcano. In the event of failure to observe the above, the player is at risk of being blocked and unsolved or, depending on the severity, may end up with banning and forums. The admin who banned and the player in question has made a request for unban has the following obligations: 1. Since the posting of the topic, the unban request has a maximum of 48 hours to post the incriminating proof (demo / picture). 2. Avoid unnecessary multipost. 3. Use a decent and common sense vocabulary. In the event of non-observance of the above, the admin risks being degraded / excluded from the team until it is banned on the forum and server depending on severity. FOR ACCESS REQUEST YOU MUST APPLY TO THE FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS: - steam access. - 10 hours played on the arena.goldgames.ro server. - minimum accepted age is 15 years. - TeamSpeak3 user with microphone. - Regardless of the desired degree of access, it starts from helper access. - Access request completed correctly. HOURS REQUIRED TO JOIN AN UPPER ADMIN GRADE : Slot - gets automatically after approval of the access request -weekly minimum 3 h Helper - gets automatically after approval of the access request -weekly minimum 6 h Moderator -Receives a week after receiving helper access -weekly minimum 10 h Gold -is received after 2 weeks of moderator access -minimum weekly 15 h Co-Fondator - receives after 3 weeks of legendary access -minimum weekly 20 h -grade awarded only with the founder's agreement Fondator - is received after 4 weeks of receiving co-owner access -a minimum weekly 25 h -grade awarded only with the founder's agreement * Excluded from the rank of the helper -the players returning to the server after a periodic or permanent withdrawal request -players who make server donations only with the founder's agreement. * For non-fulfillment of the number of hours in 2 consecutive weeks without requesting absence the admin in question gets a downgrade or the access is removed. * Requests for absences on behalf of an admin should not exceed a decent number in a short time (it remains at the founder's attitude) We reserve the right to change this regulation periodically! ARENA.GOLDGAMES.RO In the requests to admine the question you read the regulation will be written "Yes and I will respect it strictly!
  9. RO - Regulamentul general privind serverul GO.GOLDGAMES.RO. Adminii şi/sau jucătorii, au obligaţia de a citi regulamentul, pentru a fi la curent cu restricţiile de pe anumite hărţi şi de a cunoaşte din avans obligaţiile care sunt pe server. REGULAMENT JUCATORI 1.Accesul la server este un privilegiu nu un drept. 2.Nerespectarea regulamentului ARENA.GoldGames.Ro aduce in functie de caz/cauza sanctiunile aferente. 3.Este interzis si duce la sanctionarea periodica sau permanenta in functie de gravitate a jucatorului in urmatoarele cazuri: -folosirea programelor de cheat -folosirea unui nick cu caracter sexual,jignitor sau ce contine reclama altor site-uri decat cele ce sunt membre comunitatii GOLDGAMES -folosirea unui limbaj indecent(injurii directe/mascate/abrevieri)sau in contradictoriu cu unul sau mai multi jucatori/admini -invitarea jucatorilor pe alte servere -dupa mutarea de catre admin in alta echipa in vederea echilibrarii este interzisa mutarea de catre jucator inapoi -folosirea excesiva si/sau cu un volum ridicat al microfonului -reclama de orice natura scrisa, vocala (utilizand microfonul) 4.Pentru eventualele reclamatii/cereri de grad sta la dispozitie forumul www.goldgames.ro sau pe teamspeak(ts3) ts.goldgames.ro REGULAMENT ADMINI !IMPORTANT: Adminii/moderatorii nu au voie sa intervina asupra deciziei luate de alt Admin/Moderator! 0. ORICE JUCATOR TREBUIE SA FIE TRATAT CA “NEVINOVAT” PANA LA PROBA CONTRARIE. 1.Aplicarea comenzilor pe colegi sau chiar pe ei este interzisa. 2.Admini/moderatorii au obligatia de a respecta toate punctele din "Regulamentul Jucatorilor". 3.Mentinerea unei atmosfere cat mai placuta in cadrul serverului/ts-ului pentru toti cei conectati in acel moment incluzand si echilibrarea echipelor/gag/mute/kick pentru cei ce strica jocul sau deranjeaza ceilalti jucatori. 4.Sanctionarea jucatorilor care nu respecta unul din punctele din "Regulamentul jucatorilor" se face in functie de gravitate si/sau istoricul comportamental al jucatorului in cauza. -daca jucatorul a fost sanctionat de mai mult de 3 ori in termen de 24 ore (cu gag/mute/kick) -reclamatiile altor jucatori -daca jucatorul a fost bannat in ultimele 3 luni 5.Accesarea forumului zilnic si verificarea sectiunilor acestuia in special subsesctiunea "CERERI UNBAN" -au obligativitatea de a posta un raspuns te tip ”asteptam demo” daca nu este pusa inca dovada. -VERIFICAREA demo-urilor si a probelor aduse impotriva jucatorilor ce fac cereri de UNBAN -postarea unui raspuns PRO sau CONTRA unban cu o mica justificare. 6.Prezenta obligatorie pe TeamSpeak cu microfon atata timp cat adminul este conectat pe server in camera serverului sau oricare din sub-camerele acestuia. 7.Adminilor le este interzis cu desavarsire sa detina in componenta numelui/nick-ului , site-uri sau nume de alte comunitati indiferent care este acesta, in afara de GoldGames.Ro. (de exemplu pglarena /dust2 /etc) 8.Prezenta obligatorie la sedintele saptamanale in zilele de duminica orele 20:00 (eventualele modificari sunt anuntate in timp util) 9.Abaterile se sanctioneaza cu mustrare iar la 3 mustrari in perioada mai mica de 3 saptamani adminul in cauza este degradat (-1), o mustrare are 3 saptamani de valabilitate. (In functie de gravitatea sanctiunii si comportamentul adminului in cauza se poate decide, prin adunarea conducerii, la interzicerea accesului definitive pe comunitate) Aplicarea comenzilor/sanctiunilor 1.GAG/MUTE jucatorul sau jucatorii asupra carora se vor aplica comenzile de mute/gag se va face gradual de gravitatea incalcarii regulamentului ramand la atitudinea adminului perioada sanctionarii fiecarui jucator Incepand de la 5 minute pentru injurii, tipete, folosirea excesiva a microfonului in afara subiectului jocului, muzica, plictiseala. 1.2 Daca intr-o perioada de 24 ore de la prima sanctiune jucatorul in cauza continua sa incalce regulile, acest lucru duce la ban permanent ramanand la atitudine adminului/moderatorului in functie de situatie prezenta in momentul respectiv. 2.Slay/slap 2.1 Aceste comenzi se dau doar în ultimele 40 secunde de joc celor care fac abuz de camp. 2.2 Pe anumite harti (gen de_cbble) aceste comenzi se dau si jucatorilor care se ascund in toalete si campeaza in turn. 2.3 Dupa 3 sanctiuni de genul acesta intr-o perioada mai scurta de 24 ore de la prima avertizare se aplica sanctiune de ban incepand cu 120 minute pana la ban permanent, dupa caz, ramanand la atitudinea adminului in functie de situatie prezenta in momentul respectiv. 3.BAN PERIODIC comanda de banare periodica a unui jucator se aplica in cazurile: -a primit mai multe sanctiuni gag sau mute -a ignorat decizia unui admin/moderator -a spamat chatul sau microfonul -jignirea adminilor/moderatorilor/serverului. 4.BAN PERMANENT comanda de banare permanenta se aplica in cazurile: -reclama pe server (indiferent de natura) -utilizarea cheat -urilor (demo obligatoriu) -jignirea adminilor/moderatorilor/serevrului. -incalcarea in mod repetat a regulamenului. 5.KICK comanda se foloseste numai in cazul in care adminul/moderatorul urmareste un suspect si nu il poate accesa si se foloseste comanda !kick Retry ( exemplu : !kick Darius Retry) 5.1 In cazul Helper-ilor, acestia pot accesa aceasta comanda pentru a inlatura un jucator de pe server pana la conectarea altui admin cu acces la ban. 6 ANTI-JOC 6.5 Pentru orice forma de “troll” se pedepseste cu slay/kick/ban in functie de gravitate. 6* Dupa 3 abateri de la regulament in mai putin de 24 ore, jucatorul este pedepsit incepand cu 120 minute de ban pana la ban permanent ramanand la atitudinea adminului in functie de situatie prezenta in momentul respectiv. *REGULILE SE APLICA ATAT JUCATORILOR CAT SI ADMINILOR. Regulament Cereri Unban Jucatorul care doreste sa faca o cerere de unban trebuie sa tina cont de urmatoarele aspecte: 1.Cererea de unban trebuie facut nu mai tarziu de 72 de ore de la data primirii banului. 2.Sa complecteze corect cererea si sa fie cat mai exact si la subiect. 3.Sa evite multipostul inutil. 4.Sa foloseasca un volcabular decent si de bun simt. In cazul nerespectarii celor mai sus mentionare jucatorul risca sa ii fie blocata si nesolutionata cererea sau in functie de gravitate se poate ajunge pana la banarea si pe forum. Adminul care a banat iar jucatorul in cauza a efectuat o cerere de unban are urmatoarele obligatii: 1.De la data postarii topicului cererii de unban are la dispozitie maxim 48 de ore sa posteze dovada incriminatorie(demo/poza). 2.Sa evite multipostul inutil. 3.Sa foloseasca un vocabular decent si de bun simt. In cazul nerespectarii celor mai sus mentionare adminul risca sa fie degradat/exclus din echipa pana la banarea acestuia pe forum si pe server in functie de gravitate. Pentru a primi acces de admin pe serverul go.goldgames.ro trebuiesc indeplinite urmatoarele: -posesor steam. -minim 10 de ore jucate pe serverul arena.goldgames.ro. -varsta minima acceptata 15 ani. -utilizator de TeamSpeak3 cu microfon. -indiferent de gradul dorit accesul pleaca de la slot/helper/moderator/gold/co-fondator/fondator. -cererea de aderare complectata corect. Ore necesare aderare grad superior: Slot - se primeste automat dupa aprobarea cererii de acces -ore minime saptamanale 1 Helper - se primeste automat dupa aprobarea cererii de acces -ore minime saptamanale 6 Moderator - se primeste dupa o saptamana dupa primirea accesului de helper -ore minime saptamanale 10 Gold - se primeste dupa 2 saptamani de la primirea accesului de moderator -ore minime saptamanale 15 Co-Fondator - se primeste dupa 3 saptamani de la primirea accesului de gold -ore minime saptamanale 20 -grad acordat numai cu acordul fondatorului Fondator - se primeste dupa 4 saptamani de la primirea accesului de co-fondator -ore minime saptamanale 25 -grad acordat numai cu acordul fondatorului *se exclud de la trecerea prin gradul de helper : -playerii ce revin pe server dupa o cerere de retragere periodica sau permanenta -playerii ce fac donatii pentru server numai cu acordul fondatorului. *pentru neindeplinirea numarului de ore in 2 saptamani consecutive fara cerere de absenta playerul in cauza primeste downgrade sau se scoate accesul. *cererile de absenta pe numele unui admin nu trebuie sa depaseasca un numar decent intr-un timp scurt (ramane la atitudinea fondatorului) Ne rezervăm dreptul de a modifica acest regulament periodic! ARENA.GOLDGAMES.RO In cereriile de admine la intrebarea ai citit regulamentul se va scrie "Da si il voi respecta cu strictete !
  10. ACCEPTAT! Da mi pm cu nick si pw 😀 T/C
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